Tina is a certified yoga teacher  known for her love of yoga and inspirational style of teaching. Her insatiable curiosity brings a wealth of knowledge to the studio.  As a wife, mother and grandmother, Tina incorporates many types of yoga traditions into her daily yoga classes, with all different age groups and capabilities.

Over the past 20 years Tina has been teaching and travelling the west coast of Newfoundland and has been a student of yoga since the 70’s.  She studied yoga with masters in the US and Canada and is certified in Hatha Yoga, Yoga of the Heart, Yin Yoga, and PoundFit.

1 – In being able to practice yoga in a safe clean welcoming environment
2 – That anyone can do yoga, at their own pace
3 – In providing you with experienced and inspirational teachers
4 – In giving back to our community
5 – In Offering many different types of yoga classes
6 – That yoga helps you live an inspired life
7 – That yoga should be affordable for everybody
8 – That yoga breathing is the best
9 – That yoga relaxes your body, mind and spirit
10 – That you’d be happier if you did yoga
11 – That we shouldn’t teach something that we don’t practice ourselves.
12 – In sharing our knowledge and love of yoga
13 – We believe yoga can change the world 🌍
14 – It’s never too late or too early in life to take a yoga class


At Tina Coleman Yoga, you will find Hatha Yoga classes that are instructional, insightful, and appropriate to your level of yoga experience. All classes are sequenced intelligently to help you absorb the practice best, and will vary based on the time of year, time of day, and instructor.

Join us after class on Wednesday mornings for a coffee at one of the local coffee shops!

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Gentle/Beginners Yoga

Gentle yoga is a class focused on rejuvenating and healing the body. This class includes gentle stretches, breathing relaxation, and simple movements to increase range of motion to the major joints.  Our classes are designed for anyone of any age whether you are new to yoga or a continuing student interested in basic yoga postures and breathing practices.

Continuing/Advanced Yoga

Longer held poses with vinyasa flow sequence, deep breathing techniques, followed by meditation and relaxation.  Our Hatha Yoga classes are instructional, insightful, and appropriate to your degree of yoga experience. The state of yoga is defined simply as having a one-pointed, focused mind. Hatha Yoga uses physical postures and other practices to find this state. A well-established practice with ancient roots, yoga is supported by modern science and embraced all over the globe.

Restorative Yoga

This class uses a host of techniques to release tension and restore range of motion such as self-massage techniques and myofacial release techniques using a tennis ball, while combining various styles of practice such as Yin, Restorative and Hatha Yoga.  This class style fuses the yoga postures and use of the tennis balls together, creating a deep healing and therapeutic experience.

Karma Yoga

A regular class where all proceeds go to a different charity each month. An affordable class for someone looking to experience what Tina Coleman yoga is all about.  Suitable for all levels, especially beginners.

Hot Yoga

A vinyasa flow sequence in a heated room (around 30 degrees C) that develops strength and flexibility and will leave you feeling restored and balanced. The heated room allows for a deeper stretch while detoxifying the body through sweat.

Yin Yoga

Explores the connective tissue and joints of the body. Postures are passive and held for a length of time to increase awareness and prana flow to suggested areas. Although this class is open to all levels, be aware that it is not an easy practice, due to the long holding of postures. Pregnant women welcome.

Tennis ball therapy yoga
Think yellow! Think tennis balls! Dancers have long used tennis ball self-massage to work out their kinked-up muscles and in this unique and wonderful class we walk our students thru myofascial release techniques to help you relieve tightness, increase your mobility and release chronic tension that plagues the body. If you need to relax tight calf muscles, loosen your hamstrings, release tension in your back, deepen your hip flexibility or all of the above this class may be for you.
Vinyasa Power Flow

These classes are modeled on the Asthanga style of Yoga. Modified versions of more challenging poses will be practised but be sure you work at your own pace and take breaks whenever you need. Vinyasas are essentially a sequence of the Sun Saluation Series of Chaturanga, Up Dog Down Dog, all linked to breath. You will build strength and flexibility while stretching the legs and relaxing the spine. If you like a great workout this class is worth trying.


Want to push yourself a little harder try PIYO Live …it’s a beautiful fusion of Yoga and Pilates. Its music driven, low impact, you get your cardio, you build strength go at your own pace Great for everyone even for those less flexible. When you look around during this class you cannot help but being energized and inspired by a class full of energy and all working in synchronization.

Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga is a type of yoga combining traditional yoga poses, pilates and dance with the use of a hammock. It expands your yoga practice while suspended as well as on the floor. The hammock acts like a swing or soft trapeze, supporting the hips for forward bends and back bends. Yoga postures which some find difficult to do on the ground, such as the reverse post, may be easier in mid-air using the hammock, and the hammock moves add variety to your workout. This is particularly beneficial for students that spend a long time sitting because it has a decompressing effect on the body.

Chair Yoga

Our Chair Yoga class includes postures, meditation, and breathing which enhances mental and emotional well-being and improves an individual’s physical strength and stability. This class can be done by everyone but especially those with knee or hip injuries or seniors. You will be absolutely amazed just how much of a full body workout this class can give you while in the comfort of our brand new steady blue chairs. After class we strengthen class friendship by enjoying the company of one another at a local coffee shop. We would love to have you attend this class.


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Walking into Tina Coleman's studio after a day of work is like coming home, a good place to be. Safe, protective, professional, non-judgemental. Very knowledgeable yag teachers!! Thank you.

Hatha Yoga

Tina Coleman Yoga is like a second home to me. The community is so welcoming and the teachers are all fantastic. I enjoy the variety of classes, I can always find a class that suits my mood perfectly.

Vinyasa Power Flow

Best studio around. If you're looking for a great traditional neighbourhood studio with well trained instructors, Tina Coleman's the place.

Gentle Yoga